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Each production that chooses to rent the space is responsible for implementing and enforcing their own covid-19 policies and restrictions.  We highly recommend following and practicing the guidelines being suggested by the NYC film and television commission.  Those guidelines are available to view here on this page and are also posted on site at our location.

We do provide all rentals with hand sanitizer, face masks, rubber gloves, disinfectant and use of our in house infrared thermometer.  We also provide suggested maximum occupancy numbers for crew members using each room in our facility.  These suggestions are based on the CDC guidelines for social distancing.  The suggested maximum number of crew members per room are as follows:








These figures are determined by the total square feet of the space divided by 36 square feet per occupant, or a 6 feet distance in each direction per person. 


We provide an on site studio manager who cleans and disinfects all surfaces prior to your shoot and after your shoot wraps each day.  Once the studio manager shows your point of contact the basics of the space, they remain available for any troubleshooting issues- but they do not always standby on the same floor as you.  The studios are located on floor three and the studio manager often oversees via our security camera system on the fourth floor.  They can be reached via cell phone, text, facetime, or via walkie-talkie.  No outside crew are permitted on the fourth floor without permission being granted by the studio manager.

The studio manager will wear a mask covering at all times when interacting with you and your staff on the third floor per your request.  For multi-day shoots our studio manager will clean the areas in and around your set and equipment, but NOT your set or equipment. 


We require that all productions submit a call sheet or crew list of every person who will enter the space on the day of your production.  We also require that you provide us with the covid-19 policies and rule enforcement YOU will be implementing during your time here.  Please note the studio manager will not be responsible for enforcing these policies and you should provide someone on your staff to accommodate those needs.  We have instituted these policies moving forward to allow you to run your own set, but we will also not allow productions to fully disregard all safety procedures.  We have set forth these policies to intentionally put the responsibility on you.  If you are a crew member filming at our space and have come to this page because of covid-19 concerns regarding the production you are on, you are to take those matters up with the person or company who has employed you directly.


When you rent the space you are locked in.  We offer the studio on a first come first serve basis.  If the safety measures you put in place somehow cause your production to shut down, we unfortunately cannot offer any refunds or discounts.  We are informing you of this so you can be prepared.  Do not use this as an excuse to endanger people or be lenient with your own safety protocols.  So if you intend on implementing a policy that no one may enter the space with a temperature above 100 degrees and your DP shows up with a 100.3 temperature, you probably want to have key crew members on standby or double booked.  


Prior to covid-19, one of the duties of the Red Line studio manager was to act as a point of contact for cast and crew coming off the elevator.  The way our space is situated, the elevator opens up directly to the space.  Unfortunately, because of the current pandemic, the studio manager will no longer be able to perform this task.  We highly suggest that you assign a PA or crew member to fire watch the main entrance to the space to ensure no unwanted outside intruders enter your set.  This also helps ensure none of your gear leaves the floor in any theft related incidents.  We are equipped with a number of security cameras that our studio manager monitors live from the fourth floor.  We can also provide your production point of contact with a key that locks and unlocks the elevator so you can restrict or give access to guests to your set as needed.

These are unparalleled times and they are incredibly difficult for everyone.  We are open to discussing further measures and policies to cater to certain situations and productions that might require additional assistance while filming in our space.  For 20 years we have provided a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience at our studios and it is our goal to continue with that level of service.  We ask that you come prepared, act professional, and take into account the safety and security of your visiting staff and crew.  Thank you!

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