You can rent any block of time, weekday or weekends.  Your rental period begins on your scheduled IN-TIME, or when the first person from your crew arrives; whichever is earlier.  Your rental period ends on your scheduled OUT-TIME, or when the last person from your crew has left, whichever occurs last.  We require a 5 hour minimum rental period.


You can bring in your own key lighting or rent from us.  We offer three inclusive packages or you can rent a la carte.  

PACKAGE A - The Interview Kit -   $200 xday - includes:  (1) Arri 1k (1) Arri 650 (1) Arri 300 (3) 25' Stingers (4) C-Stands (1) 18"x24" Flag Kit (4) Sandbags

PACKAGE B - The Green Screen Kit -  $400 xday - includes:  (2) 4' 4 bank Kinos (1) Arri 1k (1) Arri 650 (1) Arri 300 (3) 25' Stingers (6) C-Stands (6) Sandbags (1) 18"x24" Flag Kit (1) 1k Variac Dimmer

PACKAGE C - All Access - $600 xday - Access to everything in our inventory except the Astras.

See below for a downloadable PDF of our full Grip & Electric Inventory


(These are PDFS you can view / download).




This includes dimensions and an overhead blueprint of the space.

See what's included in our on site inventory (includes prices).








We have a full in house art department available to design and create your set.  We have built sets for clients such as Seinfeld, BET, Cosmo Magazine, and more.  To see some of our art department set builds please visit the video section HERE.


The cyc is often painted different colors, it gets left the last color a client requested it to be.  If you are coming in and want that color, the "freshen-up layer" of paint is FREE.  If you need the cyc completely transformed into an entirely different color, there is a paint fee.  Paint fee is determined by the color needed.  For green screen, we only use true rosco ulta-matte green screen paint.


Most of the time you can load in right in front of the entrance on Broadway.  You must have someone in the vehicle though.  We are in a historic building and therefore there is one main elevator.  The elevator can accommodate two full size hampers at a time.  Large items can usually be brought up via the oversized stairwell.  The studio is located on floor 3.


We have full production crews available as well as various camera packages and accessories such as teleprompters.  Our Emmy award winning crew members have 20+ years experience and will ensure your production is executed with the utmost professionalism and production value.  Need a VFX Supervisor for your green screen shoot, or a Production Designer for your original set creation?  We got you covered.  Whether it’s light production support or full production and post, we can help you as much or as little as needed.  You are not required to use any of our crew, they are simply here if you need them.


Our stage does not come pre-lit and to be perfectly honest, any studio that offers that you should question.    Every shoot is different, there is no "one lighting set-up fits all" scenario.  We can have our in house gaffer pre-light something to your specifications once we know what you are shooting for an additional cost.  Shot width / framing, number of people on camera, number of camera directions, and actors movements can alter the approach to your lighting set-up which is why a blind pre-light is not advised.


For our young and inexperienced renters, please note that green screen requires a specific way to light and treat it.  You can rent the space and do whatever you like during your billable time, but we are not responsible for trouble shooting your post production if you don’t properly light the green screen to allow a solid key.


Rental dates are provided on a first come first serve basis.  If you have approximate dates we highly recommend putting a soft hold on them.  A soft hold requires no down payment and gives you the first right to the space on the requested date or dates.  


Bookings become firm if and only when you have provided the required paperwork:

-Credit Card Authorization Form

-Certificate of Insurance

-Photo Copy of State or Government issued ID

-Copy of front and back of credit card entered on authorization form

-Deposit (50% of total estimated cost).


All dates must be firm booked 24 hours prior to your studio in time.  Balance is paid in full upon final exit of studio.  Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If a cancelation is made with less than 24 hours notice, you are charged for the full amount of the projected rental (gear, studio, crew included).


You are required to provide us with a certificate of insurance that names Red Line Studios, Inc as additional insured and loss payee.  In some circumstances you may be able to rent our internal insurance policy.  Please inquire within for more details.


Red Line provides a studio manager free of charge,  The role of the provided studio manager is to answer basic questions, trouble shoot any issues that may arise pertaining to the space, and to direct your crew to the studios and equipment on site.  They are not a gaffer or pa, if you are in need of those crew members we can provide them with advance notice for an additional cost.


You are responsible for bagging your debris and garbage.  Our studio manager will remove it from the space once it has been bagged.  Studio must be left in the same condition as it was found upon entry.  Client must remove any oversized garbage (sets, boxes, flats, etc) completely from premises. 


*Note you cannot simply leave oversized debris on the curb, we will be ticketed and those violations will be charged to renters.  Please either remove large debris via truck or vehicle or ask us about our large scale garbage disposal fee.  


Ask us for help.  Our goal is to make sure your shoot goes well.  We don’t know everything, but we have been doing this for 20 years and we do know a lot.  Don’t waste your money and wait too long to ask for guidance or consultation.


We offer students with a valid student ID a 10% discount off of all services we provide.  Weekly and monthly rentals are also eligible for discounts.  However, please note-- as we stated above right off the bat we offer one of the most affordable studios in Manhattan and with that, we don’t have a ton of wiggle room.  When you compare what you get with us vs. what you get elsewhere in Manhattan, we are the best deal in town.  


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