Film | Television | Commercial | Digital

Red Line Studios, is a full service production company.  We are an incredibly diverse company that has worked in a number of genres and production types over the years.  These days we are predominately a film and television development and production studio, but we have also produced a number of commercials, music videos, and branded content. 


We always beat our competitors rates and even better, their production value.  Today, too many companies are too narrow in focus and vision.  A good company should be able to adapt to suit a project’s needs and know how to take the best elements of various filmmaking practices and share them amongst differing genres.

We can produce with confidence in any genre and in any format.  Good storytelling is key to being a good filmmaker, producer, director and production company. 


Our staff consists of a vast array of award winning producers, directors, DP’s, editors, colorists, sound designers and more.  We are a one-stop-shop facility and we take a great deal of pride in our work. . 

We are based in lower Manhattan but have operated and overseen productions all across the United States.  From Boston to Pittsburgh, California to West Virginia, we love to travel and have served a

number of clients from all different locations.  We have an ever-growing roster of diverse crew to

accommodate productions of all kids and sizes.